Guided Tours

SAINT-MALO, 1h30 / 2h

Famous seaside resort on the " Emerald Coast ", Saint Malo remains an authentic city with a rich and eventful history.

As soon as the city within the walls was founded during the XIth century, Saint Malo gathered riches thanks to its maritime activities, such as fishing and trade. Protected by thick walls, the city could always defend itself against enemies' attacks. The XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries were the Golden Age of the city thanks to its commercial and fishing port, its shipowners and the famous privateers...

80% of the city were destroyed at the end of World War II when it was bombed by the Allies in august 1944, but it rose again stronger than before; its quick reconstruction following the local architecture of XVIIth century is the best example of it.

The guided tour is a good way to discover the rich history and architecture of Saint Malo, walking on the famous city walls and talking about the privateers, cod-fishing in Newfound Land, how the city rose from its ashes.


No need to introduce this famous village, the abbey and its bay listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site; pictures of the place travelled around the world! Nevertheless, Mont Saint Michel is back in the newspapers as years of works offered it a new access and a new insularity. As we started using the new bridge in December 2014, it gives opportunity to rediscover the Mont in a new environment.

There are two ways of visit:

  • guided tour of the village and the abbey; duration of two hours.
  • guided tour starting from the new parking to discover the new bridge and the dam over the Couesnon river, continued by the village and the abbey; duration of three hours.

DINAN, 1h30 / 2h

Dinan was one of the largest fortified cities of Brittany in the Middle Ages. Sheltered by its ramparts, the city developed thanks to trade and craft industry, mostly because of an active port on the Rance river. Its importance among the duchy was reinforced by the presence of many convents within the walls.

During the tour we discover the numerous timber-framed houses that make the beauty of the city as well as its religious patrimony, not forgetting the port and the famous Jerzual street that links it to the centre of the town.


Rennes, current capital of the region of Brittany, shared this status with the city of Nantes in the Middle Ages; the Dukes of Brittany were crowned in Rennes' cathedral. It acquired a rich architectural patrimony throughout the centuries, particularly with the Parliament of Brittany and its members who built beautiful mansions in the 17th and 18th centuries. The reconstruction of part of the city centre after a fire in the 18th century radically transformed the appearance and the lifestyle of the city.

We will also show the economical importance of Rennes, from the Middle Ages until now.

DINARD , 1h30 / 2h

Right opposite Saint Malo, Dinard is the other jewel of the Emerald Coast. Created almost out of nothing in the middle of the 19th century by English and French property developers, it was soon known as " the Pearl of the Emerald Coast" thanks to its numerous and eclectic houses, most of them being now Historical monuments.

The tour enables us to have a very nice walk along the sea at the foot of these mansions built on top of the cliffs, taking us back to Dinard by the time of " the Crazy Years"...


Other tours are possible, as well as half-day or full-day trips:

  • Cancale
  • Cape Fréhel
  • the Pink Granit Coast
  • the Emerald Coast... 

You can contact me directly for any information or estimated price.